Hello everyone, As you all know, I'm an indie game developer and I release my games at no cost and Ad-free. I enjoy making games and I truly believe in old school gaming, when there was no such thing as in-game purchases and nobody cared about in-game Ads. There is nothing worse to see than a pop-up Ad during your gameplay. I also enjoy creating digital art, solving and making all sorts of puzzles. I have been inspired by Chris Ramsey over the years. Not long after publishing my first puzzle book (Classic Puzzle : 500+ Puzzles) back in 2021, I decided to to take things further and get into game development. I have been working on various projects since. If you like my games, please share them with your friends and family members. Although, my games are completely free, I would really appreciate for any contribution, so I can maintain ad-free versions in the future. Thank you for your support! - The Game Creator -

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